View at Cerro de la Virgen, Vicuna, Chile

Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 23:29 PM (GMT)

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A dusty hike up this famous hill in northern Chile could only end in me posing for a photo. From this hill you get a lovely view of Elqui Valley. Cerro de la Virgen is definitely a must if you have a spare hour in Vicuña on a clear day. I also saw a cowboy and a motor cross rider up the same hill and the old/new contrast was quite a sight. After a while though I got a bit cocky and tried wandering off the trail and slipped onto a cactus. A few minutes of panic, despair and disbelief ensued which eventually culminated into a quick surge of last minute courage. Using two rocks my girlfriend gripped the cacti balls and slowly freed my bleeding palms. Given the amount of San Pedro cacti around there I was then worried about possible hallucinogenic effects but after a while the pain disappeared.

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