Photos of IOCT Masters

During the summer of 2007 I applied to go back to De Montfort University and study a Masters at the IOCT (Institute Of Creative Technologies). I was successful and received a studentship worth ten thousand pounds to assist with tuition fees and living costs. I had a great time and got a MSc in Creative Technologies. The IOCT is based at De Montfort University but is classed as a research institute not a faculty!

Documenting the creative process

All I remember from this day is that we (all 8 IOCT MSc students) had to take our… Read more »

Bertrand the Jack Russel

So basically in response to some nice expensive robots dogs that were around in… Read more »

Paul relaxing at IOCT

There is camp, very camp, really camp...and then there is Paul Scattergood. Paul… Read more »

IOCT robot dog

These stupid dogs roamed around the IOCT 24/7 and were apparently sending information… Read more »

The voice of IOCT

Before I even studied a masters at the IOCT I was captivated by the strange messages… Read more »

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