What I’m Doing Right Now

  • Job

    • At the moment I am working as a Software Developer at a digital agency called Krankikom in Duisburg, Germany. I work with one of their largest clients, ODEON cinemas.

  • Sport

    • I'm still a keen gym enthusiast but I also regularly go running with Anchor Running Crew Duisburg.

      Right now I'm patiently waiting for spring to arrive so I can go out and start clocking up some miles on my race bike.

  • Side projects

    • I recently gave this site a quick freshen up. I have been doing a lot of small Front End based tasks at work lately and I decided to put my new found knowledge to good use.

      I am still trying to improve my German and regularly attending Language exchanges in Essen near where I live.

  • Reading

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What is this page?

Inspired by Derek Sivers' post, this page is a list of what I'm currently up to.

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