In the UK it is a legal requirement for a website to be accessible (Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Part III) and I am committed to providing a website that is accessible to the largest possible number of people regardless of ability, platform or connectivity used.

Standards compliance

All pages on this site should comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (minimum Priority 1), as suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

However, this is a judgement call. Some accessibility features can be measured but others cannot. I have reviewed the guidelines and believe that I have followed them as closely as possible.

All pages on this site validate as HTML5, although I am predicting the 5 will soon be dropped from the name. This can be tested automatically.

A program from the W3C determines whether a page is valid and you can check each page by entering any of the pages on this site into the W3C Markup Validation Service website.

The RSS feed for my photo blog is also valid according to the latest w3 guidlines and can be checked here.

All pages on this site use structured semantic markup. H1 tags are used for main titles, H2 tags for subtitles.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.