Uluru (Ayers Rock), Southern Northern Territory

Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 05:16 AM (GMT)

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The aboriginal name for Ayers Rock is Uluru. What did I do at Uluru? Well after pulling up I stuck my head out of the van window then quickly stuck it back in and made some noodles for lunch. It was too hot and there were do many flies I chose to turn down a walk around it. We later visited the visitor centre and made use of their insect infested amenities. What was annoying is that it was pretty expensive to get in to the grounds and that's not even taking into account the ridiculous van hire and fuel costs you encounter in the middle of nowhere. The nice lady at reception said its okay, once you buy a ticket you can come back anytime in the next 3 days for free. I took this photo of Uluru so I never have to go back.

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