The Waterfront kitchen view

Wednesday, April 01, 2009, 17:26 PM (GMT)

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[x] Relaxing in the lounge

I and my old partner moved into Flat 21 The Waterfront with James Sellicks back in 2009. We had a run of bad luck with James Sellicks and rented accommodation in the past and here our luck went from bad to worse. The landlord and the agency James Sellicks parted ways over financial issues and we were abandoned by James Sellicks and left to fight our own battle. The flat was soon repossessed from the landlord who was facing financial ruin at the time. Despite his best efforts to continue to threaten us we managed to swiftly move into another vacant flat in the building through a different letting agent. Again James Sellicks were very unhelpful with the situation and this time they gave our full deposit £650 to the landlord and not us. It was in a deposit protection scheme too so it just goes to show how dodgy renting in Leicester can be.

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