Rented Bicycle, Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong

Rented Bicycle, Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong


Today was my last full day in Hong Kong so before the big bar crawl tonight I decided to take the ferry to Cheung Chau island for the day.

It is a little dumbbell shaped island about 10km south west of Hong Kong island with a small population of about 23000 people. There are no cars as the roads are too narrow but instead there are 1000's of bicycles and of course hundreds of fishing boats.

I rented an old mountain bike for about 2 pounds and set off up into the southern hills to Cheung Po Tsai Cave where pirates apparently used to hideout. I had my first of a series of minor accidents a few seconds later when my flip-flop got caught in the chain causing me to swerve into a wheelie bin.

I cut and scraped all of the outside of my left foot on a rock and the right gear lever snapped off on landing. I was stuck in 12th gear from then on. I didn't really find any pirates so headed back to the harbour for some crab and blue girl beers. Feeling a bit merry, I later headed off for to Kwun Yam Wan (afternoon beach) for a windsurf. I got a bit lost though en route and peddled into some kind of basketball lesson at a local school.

After a scuffle with a gang of dogs up near the cemetery I eventually made it to the beach and told off for cycling on the beach. I rented some like 1970's vintage windsurf but soon gave up trying because the shark net around the beach was so small by the time I was up and away it was time to turn around or fall off and get stuck in the net. It was a good hour of amusement for the life guards though I'm sure. I returned the bike just before the shop closed and in a rush they gave me my deposit back and didn't bother to inspect the damage.


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