RAF Marham Charity Track Day

RAF Marham Charity Track Day


I spent most of yesterday at RAF Marham on a track day charity event. There were lots of car geeks there and lots of modified road legal cars. The car I was a passenger in all day was my friend Mike's dark grey BMW on the right. Despite it being a road legal 1 series coupé, Mike has invested a bit of money having it mapped and other minor performance increases. It shocked a lot of other drivers as we were easy doing 170 mph on the straight and over taking everything in our path.

After each sprint on the track we pulled up and popped open the bonnet to let the engine cool. I took loads of photos that day mainly of other peoples cars. There were a lot of old BMW M5 cars there, some sporty Renaults, TVR's, modified old Saabs and even a nice racing edition Aston Martin DB7. We were regularly reminded by the troops on the base that the track day was about raising money for charity and NOT RACING ;)

During the morning briefing we were warned that anyone caught racing would be removed. With the event being held at a working RAF base with soldiers walking around with assault rifles you would have thought that would put any boy racers off the idea wouldn't you? Well not me and my buddy Mike. We raced the other 2 cars in the picture and the poor dude in the Audi A3 ended up needing his bonnet and bumper re-sprayed after only 4 laps. The good thing about being in front I guess is that you avoid stone chips and dust marks from the cars in front.


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