Me and Louise, Elsecar Heritage Railway

Me and Louise, Elsecar Heritage Railway


This afternoon I had a wander up to Elsecar Heritage Railway in Elsecar near Barnsley. I hadn't been there since the mid 90's during a school trip, so a visit back was long overdue.

Here I am stood aboard the locomotive Louise. She was built in 1967 and has a strong 325HP engine which enabled her to haul heavy oil train formations around refineries. She was first put to use at Hamble Oil Refinery in Southampton before moving on to a Mobil refinery on the Isle of Grain. Towards the end of her service she worked at a refinery in Essex where apparently she was only occasionally used. She was fully restored 8 years ago at the BP loco works refinery.

The current finish is the same as it was when she was delivered back in 1967 in the BP colours and with a BP crest on the side. It wasn't until British Petroleum donated the engine to Elsecar Railway that she received the name Louise. She is now used to pull heavier passenger trains when a Steam engine is unavailable.


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