Lisa Welham at Colourscape, Sheffield

Sunday, July 06, 2014, 19:36 PM (GMT)

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There were various Tour de France related activities going on in Sheffield this weekend, one of which was Colourscape. Essentially it was twenty-five light-filled domes that create a playful labyrinth, inviting you to discover digital art projections and live performances by Phoenix Dance, Rotherham Open Mic, Matild Dance and bassoonist Mick Beck. It was an experience that promised its visitors a rush to the senses and some mild light and audio therapy. You can see in the photo Sylvia Hallett (2nd from right) famous for playing the bicycle wheel - bowing and striking it to produce notes from the spokes and rim. She was joined by composers Ansuman Biswas (3rd from right), Michael Ormiston (4th from right) and Lawrence Casserley (1st from right) who also play bicycle wheels. Dancer Lisa Welham, ex-Phoenix Dance Theatre added a physical dance to draw the public into the Colourscape experience.

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