Kukeri in Bansko, Bulgaria

Saturday, January 03, 2015, 11:55 AM (GMT)

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On New Years Day in Bansko old town square, the tradition of Kukeri was in in full swing, as usual, this year. Kukeri is an old pagan tradition where people (typically men) dress up as scary monsters to scare off bad spirits and leave only the good ones for the new year. It's amazing this old pagan tradition has been kept alive to this day and it's now more popular than ever in many Bulgarian towns. There are similar carnival traditions on New Year's day in neighbouring Romania too I was told. In Bansko old town square this year there was singing and dancing competitions going on as well. I stayed there for a while, took way too many photos and sipped my hot wine with my toes tapping along to the festivities. I think after I made my way back up the newer Bansko town where my hotel was to get ready for my final day of skiing.

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