Colton square, leicester, over priced box living

Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 09:14 AM (GMT)

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If you're looking for a flat to rent in Leicester please don't be sucked into this place. The walls are paper thin, the surrounding area is very seedy and it was (when I lived there) incredibly noisy at night. I lived in flat 9 for 6 months but was very happy to leave. It took numerous phone calls to get the two troublesome next door neighbours evicted and was hard to get our deposit back. I and my partner moved into another apartment in Leicester afterwards through the same letting agent James Sellicks. Despite letting through the same agency they refused to use the deposit from the current flat as the deposit for our new one and insisted we pay again. This was so they could then keep onto the old deposit longer and only after pleading for weeks did it come back to us.

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