Photos from January 2012

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in january 2012.

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Southern Northern Territory

The aboriginal name for Ayers Rock is Uluru. What did I do at Uluru? Well after pulling up I stuck my head out of the van window then quickly stuck it back in and made some noodles… Read more »

Long Cargo train, Port Pirie, SA

This long cargo train took nearly 15 minutes to pass. We saw it just outside of Port Pirie as we headed north through South Australia, destined for Alice Springs. It was literally… Read more »

Classic cars at West Beach, Adelaide, SA

This photo was taken on Australia day in the car park at West Beach, South Australia. Was a typical hot and sunny day and since it was a public holiday most people were chilling at… Read more »

Lakeside camping, Millicent, South Australia

The one thing Travellers Autobarn our camper van rental company told us I still remember was don't park under trees. Wind blows, branches fall, van damaged, insurance not pay, you… Read more »

Possum in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

Myself, Lisa, Rachel and Becky were walking into the city center through Fitzroy gardens and spotted some possums trying to break into a bin. I tried to offer this cheeky chappy in… Read more »

Graffiti Street Art, Hosier Lane, Melbourne

This bluestone cobbled lane in the south of Melbourne CBD is a popular destination for tourists due to its ever changing urban art. Hosier lane is favourited as a backdrop among fashion… Read more »

James Ward, Australian Open 2012

This is British number 2 James Ward serving. He lost the match but didn't go down without a fight...a fight with racquet that is. He soon got mardy and smashed up about 8 new racquets… Read more »

Alfa Romeo GTV 6, St Kilda, Melbourne

If your an Alfa fan then you will already know the GTV 6 was actually based on the earlier Alfetta model. I have to say I like the coupe version here better. If your a James Bond fan… Read more »

Free city circle tram, Melbourne, Australia

The free city circle tram is a real nice FREE way to get to see Melbourne. In Sydney there is a free bus (the 555) but its nowhere near as fun as an old tram. There a few old trams… Read more »

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia

Flinders Street station is to Melbourne what Harbour Bridge and the Opera House is to Sydney. Its an iconic landmark used to in imagery to represent Melbourne all over the world. Its… Read more »

China Town, Lt Bourke St, Melbourne

Little Bourke Street or Lt. Bourke St as its abbreviated to on signs is a small one way street running through Chinatown in the heart of Melbourne CBD. You can see in the distance… Read more »

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