Farol das Conchas, Ilha do Mel, Brazil

Monday, August 13, 2012, 22:35 PM (GMT)

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Had a lovely walk with the mrs earlier up to Farol das Conchas (a lighthouse on Ihla do Mel) to watch the sunset over Praia do Farol das Conchas (the beach). The Conchas Lighthouse's job is to guide ships at the entrance to the Paranagua Bay and was built in 1872 by a firm in Glasgow, U.K. on orders from Dom Pedro II. There is a copper placard above the door with their name but I forgot already sorry. Ilha do Mel off the coast of the state of Parana is one of the most beautiful islands in the south of Brazil and is very tranquil. There are no roads, cars or motorbikes here and only 2 small boats a day back to the mainland.

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