Bodega Trapiche, Coquimbito, Mendoza

Saturday, June 16, 2012, 23:08 PM (GMT)

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Yes that's me on my rented bike in front of Bodega Trapiche vineyard. Thanks to Mr Hugo's Cycle Hire I had a nice ride around some vineyards in Medoza this afternoon. An hours bus ride from central Mendoza took us to the famous place in Argentina where they produce wine, olive oil, chocolate and liquor. I had a free glass of wine at Museo del vino La Rural and 20 pesos got me 2 free shots of absinthe at Entre Olivos on Montecaseros street. I was a bit gone after that and riding the bike through the crumbling streets was a difficult task and made harder by the paranoia brought on by the local copper who kept tailgating me on his motorbike. I eventually made it back safe to Mr Hugo's cycle rental and was given pop and crisps to sober up.

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