Photos from April 2013

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in April 2013.

Conisbrough Castle, Castle Hill, Doncaster

Despite the rain, a trip to Conisbrough Castle is always fun and exciting. Even better if you pick up a copy of the excellent visitors guide from reception for a cheeky 2 quid. I didn't… Read more »

RAF Marham Charity Track Day

I spent most of yesterday at RAF Marham on a track day charity event. There were lots of car geeks there and lots of modified road legal cars. The car I was a passenger in all day… Read more »

Shepherd Water Wheel Grinding Mill, Porter Valley, Sheffield

Today I visited this 400 year old water powered knife grinding mill. The huge water wheel which powered the various grinding machines inside though was currently out of action. The… Read more »

Top of High Tor, Matlock Bath, Peak District

I climbed High Tor for probably the 4th time in my life last weekend. Well, I say climbed but it was actually a steady walk up the lofty limestone crag. It's only now I'm older I appreciate… Read more »

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