Photos from March 2012

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in March 2012.

Blue sky at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Darling Harbour is located to the west of Sydney CBD, NSW. Darling Harbour is named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, who was Governor of New South Wales between 1825 and 1831.… Read more »

Rock lobster mornay with chips and salad

I didn't realise the Sydney fish market was so near to where I lived. I literally walk out my building and carry on down the road to the end of wattle street and I'm at the fishing… Read more »

Harbour Bridge Sydney

So if there is one iconic image that sums up Sydney, Australia its the harbour bridge. Nicknamed 'The Coathanger' it helps cars, vans, bikes, trains, cyclists and pedestrians get to… Read more »

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