Photos from April 2012

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in April 2012.

Leaving Hamilton Island Airport, Whitsundays

Nothing like starting an afternoon leaving the lovely Great Barrier Reef Airport on Hamilton Island by boat. Only 4 flights land a day and the connecting ferries are always on time.… Read more »

Platform 4, Homebush station, NSW

Today I took the main Sydney surburban line from Central Station to Homebush Station as I spent Anzac day afternoon in DFO Homebush retail outlet. This is the view from platform 4.… Read more »

Ballpoint Biro street artist, Sydney

Biro art seems to be super popular again all of a sudden. The biro artist above is in Sydney every weekend and guess what he doesn't sell these drawings. He actually gives you samples… Read more »

Anzac bridge, Sydney

The Anzac is a cable-stayed bridge in Sydney, Australia. It was the longest of its kind when opened in December 1995 and cost $170 million. The name ANZAC was given to the bridge on… Read more »

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