Photos from July 2011

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in july 2011.

Graffiti Art, New Park St, Leicester

I had dropped Lisa off at work and due to there being a Leicester city game that had just finished I got stuck in a long traffic jam on New Park street. There were quite a few graffiti… Read more »

Excavator at work, duns lane, leicester

So a good year after Bowstring bridge and the Pump n Tap got pulled down by Leicester city council some foundations appeared on Duns Lane. Looks pretty deep aswell, no suprise since… Read more »

Heavy rain, car park

Some heavy rain here in the carpark where I lived. Was about to head of down Braunstone Gate and suddenly the heavens opened on me. Must have waited around 30 minutes for it to slow… Read more »

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