Photos from December 2011

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in December 2011.

Royal Botanic Gardens view, Sydney

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney is a great place to spend a lazy summer afternoon. I really liked the contrast in this shot between the ground level gardens and high rise buildings… Read more »

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Not particularly a great shot of Sydney's most famous building but not the worse by any means. Having said that it is probably one of the most iconic and famous buildings of the twentieth… Read more »

Christmas day at Bondi beach, Sydney

The first and so far only Christmas I have spent outside of England was at Bondi beach, Sydney. Bondi was super busy Christmas 2011 and the weather was super hot too. We had some pre-cooked… Read more »

Saleswoman, Lahu village near Chiang Mai, Thailand

While in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand I did a 2 day trek into the hills. The way up was hard work and the poor elephants only took us 5% of the way there. The rest of the way was… Read more »

Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

While staying in Kanchanaburi make sure you visit the Erawan national park. It's 50p for a 2 hour bus journey from the local bus station and well worth it. The limestone cliffs rise… Read more »

Bridge over the river Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This probably looks a bit different to the bridge from the famous film of the same name. This is because the bridge you see in the photo has been drasticly modernised since the second… Read more »

Klong Khong Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

If your ever in Thailand and fancy a trip to Koh Lanta be warned. It's the highlight of the Krabi Province you will here the locals and tour guides say. Erm's bloody boring,… Read more »

Long boat driver, leaving Phi Phi, Thailand

The one thing I will never forget about Ko Phi Phi island is the sound the long boats made. A lovely day out snorkelling around php phi for only 8 quid can't be that bad can it? Well… Read more »

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