Photos from August 2011

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in August 2011.

Radio City Tower, Liverpool

Also known as St John's Beacon, the radio city tower is Liverpool's second tallest building. I took this quick snap on route to the train station on way back to Sheffield. Great weekend… Read more »

Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool

After a quick walk near Pier Head I just had to get a quick snap of the most recognisable building in Liverpool. I remember my friend Mr T saying I wonder what the imported slaves… Read more »

Doro Firfir, Ethiopian Cuisine

Two sour pancakes, 2 boiled eggs, salad and some kind chutney. My friend Andy did say "you don't go to Africa for the food do you". After a big night out in Liverpool I was looking… Read more »

New Bedroom Office Space

This is the spare bedroom I moved Activ web development operations to while I temporarily moved back in with my parents in August 2011. I was working into the night as usual having… Read more »

Our van hired from Freeway Hire, Oadby, Leicester

Me and my dad hired this van to transport two sofas from my flat in Leicester to Lisa's mums in Southwell. Vans aren't cheap are they, once upon a time everybody knew someone with… Read more »

Street Dancer, Birmingham High Street

Was on a pretty average week off from work and we went to Bull Ring, Birmingham for a shopping trip. Typically this involves an early wakeup and a horrid, slow, cramped train journey… Read more »

Shuckburgh Wind Farm, Say No

Was walking through Priors Marston one afternoon and saw a few signs similar to this protesting against the new windfarm which I presume will be at Shuckburgh. This was outside someone's… Read more »

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