Photos from August 2009

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in August 2009.

braunstone gate bridge leicester

naughty baghead developer at work

This was taken when I was working at Activ in Enderby, Leicester. I think a colleague either Kris or Ben must have taken this. The bag I think cane from a local sandwhich deli we ordered… Read more »

papa johns pizza takeaway leicester

I took this while waiting for my pizza on Narborough Road. I always preferred Dominoes to Papa Johns but I guess you have to try everything once. I remember ordering a really really… Read more »

free indian bhuna curry spices sachet

I received this sachet of curry mix courtesy of The Tiny Takeaway - a website my friend Ben designed while we were working at Activ. I… Read more »

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