Photos from September 2007

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in September 2007.

IOCT robot dog

These stupid dogs roamed around the IOCT 24/7 and were apparently sending information back about their every move to some tech geeks in Gateway House for some research project. At… Read more »

Stuart Penman, a lost soul

VW Golf going on car holiday

Transporter Lorry

This is my real face

My pc

Worst photo on a photo blog ever. My old Advent laptop, pc monitor, USB hub, keyboard and external hard drive. Still not sure why I haven't deleted this. Read more »

View from the Quay

The voice of IOCT

Before I even studied a masters at the IOCT I was captivated by the strange messages on this display whenever I walked past. I still don't know who is/was responsible for putting messages… Read more »

New Street

Bridge over canal

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