Photos from October 2007

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in October 2007.

Documenting the creative process

All I remember from this day is that we (all 8 IOCT MSc students) had to take our turn to scribble on a white board and talk about how we go about the creative process. Not very creative… Read more »

Angry Jim

Not sure why Jim or 'mardy Jim' as I used to call him behind his back was so angry on the day I took this photo. I could think of a few reasons though, number 1 being the fact he was… Read more »

Dave with big nose

Amazing slap bassist John

The Reverend visits Leicester

Bertrand the Jack Russel

So basically in response to some nice expensive robots dogs that were around in the lab recoding information on our every move. Dave came up with this piece of crap. Basically an 80's… Read more »

Paul relaxing at IOCT

There is camp, very camp, really camp...and then there is Paul Scattergood. Paul was always full of great ideas and loved debating his thoughts with everyone at IOCT. He was also a… Read more »

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