Photos from August 2007

Self explanatory I guess, any photos here were taken and blogged in August 2007.

Lisa has fish

A makeshift washing line

My Estate: Suburban Utopia

New kitchen / lounge

This is the kitchen where I will be doing all of my home cooking. Its the nicest student kitchen I have seen and I love the wooden beams inside. Only problem is that I am living with… Read more »

The bigger desk

So this is where I will be doing the majority of my MSc work in my new student accommodation in Leicester. Liking the curve which means I can put the speaker on each end for some really… Read more »

The new bed ( a bit low)

This futon style bed looked really cool but I pretty much broke all the wood beams underneath through jumping around. My dad ended up nailing a few extra support beams underneath it… Read more »

my bedroom desk

This is my current setup in the spare bedroom at my folks house. My laptop with my TDL speakers either side. You cannot see the sherwood amplifier in the corner powering the beasts.… Read more »

My mum Alyson

You can always rely on mums to do one thing. Bring you stuff to put in your room. They always find some way to sneak in and nosey into your business, usually by pretending to bring… Read more »

Lazy Sister

Walked on in my lazy sister earlier doing what she does best. Lying on her bed playing on her laptop. She's in the middles of those awkward teenage years and doesn't seem to move around… Read more »

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