Return of The Soldier: A film dealing with student suicide

SELAMAT DATANG KEMBALI PAHLAWANKU aka 'Return of the Soldier (UK Title) was filmed very early one morning in late January 2007. It was not supposed to be a short film as the University instructions were to produce the accompanying audio to a simple non-linear presentation' created in Macromedia Flash. A few vector shapes and motion tweens could have done it but for some reason, I tried to make a short film. I would not recommend this approach though, producing a film in Flash MX 2004 is like running with scissors.

Oops, you need to get Adobe Flash Player to watch the Return of The Soldier film starring Wibisono Sjarif

The short 'Linear Presentation' tells the story of an Indonesian student called Bandu (played by Wibisono Sjarif) who is battling serious depression and homesickness. The quality of the above is not great as its just a heavily compressed .flv file but the original which I hand to hand in as a .swf was much clearer. Despite being about 50mb in size. This was quite large to work with back when I only had a Pentium 2 desktop computer with only 1Gb of RAM and a 1024px screen to edit on. Also, it took about an hour and 3 attempts to upload it to the media server at University. I remember though I got quite a good grade as my lecturer realised I had obviously spent a few weeks sticking it together.