Oasis sliding tile puzzle

After suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of programming I decided to make this simple puzzle one morning during the summer holidays. I was well into Flash and Action Script 2.0 at the time and loved making little widgets to embed in my MySpace profile. Can you remember the days back when everyone didn't use the word 'app' and instead were just talking about widgets all the time like they were onto something big. I have completed the puzzle twice and although it is possible it can get frustrating. How many moves will it take you to complete the puzzle?

Oops, you need to get Adobe Flash Player to play the oasis sliding tile puzzle by Matthew Fedak.

Embed into your myspace profile

Because the Oasis puzzle game is made with flash you can embed it into a social networking profile such as a myspace profile or maybe even your own website if you have one.

The widget is free but I would like to know if you like it, so why not leave some feedback below. If you love oasis I'm sure you will love this free oasis puzzle widget!

How to play

To complete the simple puzzle re-arrange the tiles correctly to show the oasis picture. Remember though you can only move one tile at a time in the oasis puzzle game.