MP3 Player Widget For Myspace (version 2)

In September 2007 some fellow students of my music technology and innovation course tried to set up a small webcasting station called on-cue radio. I only say tried as I found out a few weeks later that they had to cease broadcasting as they couldn't pay their internet bill. Their goal was to provide listeners with the best in new amateur talent so they created a facebook group and a myspace page to allow amateur artists to send them material to play. They soon acquired a huge backlog of tracks and wanted to provide visitors with access to them via an mp3player in their myspace page.  I tried to gate crash the party by updating my Flash mp3 player and offered it to them for use in their myspace profile.

Oops, you need to get Adobe Flash Player to use the music station 2 flash mp3 player by Matthew Fedak.

Improvements in version 2

As well as a new colour scheme there are lots of improvements in version 2 of musicstation. I have added right-click functionality and created a download track feature which allows users to save tracks. The downloads are recorded via a PHP script so popular tracks can be recognised. Also when right clicking a user can visit the associated web links for that artist. I have also started to incorporate a shuffle mode feature but this is based on random track selection, not a true shuffle system. Another new feature is that tracks with long characters trigger a scrolling title feature similar to that of iTunes.

Future plans and further improvements

The shuffle mode feature needs to store the tracks in a shuffled array so it will play the playlist only once, not play random tracks for an eternity. At present when the previous track and next track buttons are pressed while shuffle mode is active a random track is selected not the previous or next track in the shuffled playlist. Where is the mute button, when you hover over the speaker there needs to be a mute option? It's not required but most users will expect this. Another major problem is that when embedded within myspace, it loses right-click functionality. This makes many of the improvements pointless I know.

All tracks featured in the player are from artists who have allowed to use their material. Which is currently just me.