Web Development Portfolio / Project History

Below are a few career milestones and small projects I have completed over the past 7 years in a full-time professional web development role. I have worked in the UK and Australia and travelled quite a few other places in between. I'm mainly a software developer leaning towards the backend and main programming language has been PHP. I have used a range of popular frameworks and libraries including CodeIgniter, Zend Framework 2, Doctrine 2, Smarty, Twig, jQuery etc.

  • Lead Generation Website Builder

    Lead generation website builder

    2014-2016: Working with MediaBowl UK I created a competition website generation platform for the lead generation industry. It currently operates as a SaaS platform and licensees can use it to quickly create competition sites which are sponsored by third party advertisers. It was built on Amazon Web Services using ZF2, Doctrine 2, Redis, AMQP and a whole host of other popular industry standard PHP libraries. It officially launched in early this year with a major local news network integrating it into 85 of their regional newspaper sites. It has generated thousands of leads so far and was recently made scalable using Docker and Amazon ECS. It is currently being adapted to be multi-lingual!

  • Retirement Calculation Tools (WP Plugin)

    retirement calculation plugin

    2013: As a software developer I often distance myself from WordPress development for obvious reasons. However, when a friend asked if I could look into incorporating a 9 step retirement calculator tool into his blog I thought I would give it one last look. While the WordPress codebase is very out of data with whats available today...it is still powering a huge amount of sites and I can't see it changing anytime soon. I created a simple Wordpress plugin which lets visitors complete a 9 step process of forms to gain insights into their possible retirement income and expenses. It was primarily used as a lead generation tool for a financial advising company.

  • Custom Adwords/Analytics Report Generator

    custom analytics and adwords reporting tool

    2013: While working at Anicca, an established digital agency based in Leicester who specialised in high-end PPC clientèle I developed a multi-channel marketing app. The tool allowed PPC executives to produce various performance reports using both Google Analytics API / Google Adwords Data Extracts that can be output as one master document. The app is based in Codeigniter but is littered with lots of jQuery and Ajax stuff on the front end.

  • Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison Site

    mobile phone recycling comparison

    2012: In between travelling and working in Australia I started a simple mobile phone recycling website (Go Sell My Mobile). I launched the site properly in August 2012. The site works by processing data from 3rd party recycling companies constantly in order to find the top price paid for our old mobile devices. The site was made using lots of CodeIgniter and Tim Tams (google it). I also did all the front end development including the design (or lack of!)

  • Continuous bespoke CRM development

    dcfm job tracker crm

    2012: Working with DCFM, a large development, construction and facility maintenance company in Australia I continuously implement additional functionality to their almost 100% Ajax powered CRM. Code changes ship nightly, new feature requests come in daily and client feedback is instantaneous. The fast development cycle is saving them time and money by the bucket load every day.

  • Large innovative social networking site

    ncie community of excellence

    2012: Working with Digital Eskimo in Sydney, Australia I was a web developer on a new social networking site for Indigenous and National Torres Strait Islanders called the NCIE Community of Excellence. The site helps users to pursue their life aspirations, whether they are related to employment, education, sports, art, self-esteem, confidence or culture.

  • SEO business management system


    2011: An all-in-one web app created using the CodeIgniter framework to allow both a franchisor and its franchisees to easily manage all aspect of a search engine optimisation business. The system manages scheduling tasks, processing client orders, producing monthly earning reports and any other associated administrative tasks required in the day to day running of the business. 

  • Simple website creation software


    2010: Completed back in 2010 this was an intense re-development of an existing content management system. Under pressure, I chose to re-develop from scratch while also implementing a whole bunch of requested new features. It is being used by hundreds of Activ web design license holders all over the world to create affordable websites for small to medium-sized enterprises. 

    • Personal tailoring business management system


      2010: Another all-in-one web app developed in the CodeIgniter PHP framework to allow for easy management of a tailored goods business opportunity. Contained in this app are 3 subsystems for distributors, suppliers and tailoring consultant to assist with order management, stock control and accounting.

    • Community cinema in rural locations


      2009: I designed and developed a bespoke PHP CMS driven website to list mobile cinema screenings throughout the Midlands. The Big Country Rural Cinema website also serves as a gateway tool for head office to manage bookings and other administratrix tasks between themselves, local venues and promoters.

    Postgraduate Research Projects

    Below are various projects I completed between 2007 - 2008 at De Montfort University, Leicester while studying for my MSc Creative Technologies.

    • Social Network Identity Research Project


      On Facebook, our virtual profile identity is often a miss-representation of our true offline identity. Documented in this report is a detailed analysis of identity consumption within Facebook followed by a critique of the Facebook Application Platform as a tool for Social Network Research. It formed the basis of my MSc thesis. Read more »

    • Fedaks Facebook Research Project


      As part of a preliminary research project a data mining tool was developed and deployed as an application within the popular social networking site facebook. Between March and April 2008 data was extracted from 58 facebook profiles and after analysis, relationships between individual data fields were identified. Read more »

    Other Media & Technology Projects

    Below are a few old coursework projects I completed while studying BSc Music, Technology and Innovation between 2004 and 2007. A bit cringeworthy when I look back now.