NB: This site is technically a bit out of date and its last major update was 2010.

Although I made this site, it would not have been possible without a few key ingredients. I have created this small page to give credit where I think it's due.

Under the hood

Codeigniter: I used to like using Codeigniter (a popular PHP framework). It's powering this site and has been for some time. Codeigniter is developed by a great community and I thank them for giving me an exciting and easy tool to build websites with. Their user forums have also saved my life several times.
Digital Ocean: I host my site on my own private Digital Ocean Droplet running Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP7-FPM etc.

Out front

Disqus: A great commenting plugin which as of April 2012 now handles all my blog comments. You can now coment on comments and post a comment using your Faceboook, Twitter or Disqus id. Let's hope my photos get lots more comments as time goes on.
Colorbox: A great lightbox plugin for use with jQuery. Easy to install, configurable, lightweight and looks nice too.
jQuery: A really easy to use Javascript framework. If you only learn one JavaScript framework learn jQuery
qTip: No not the rapper, a lightweight JavaScript tool tip plugin.
Tinybox: A lightweight JavaScript lightbox library similar to Colorbox.

API's and other services I use their simple restful API to pull in latest tracks I have listened to on my homepage.
Instagram: I use their API to pull in my latest photos on my homepage.
AddThis: A lightweight JavaScript powered plugin I use on my photo blog pages for users to share the post via social media.
Twitter: I use twitter's restful API to pull in my latest tweets on the homepage.
Akismet: I use Akismet to prevent against SPAM on my contact page form.
Feedburner: My blog RSS feed is handled by Feedburner.
Google Custom Search: The search box on my website pages is handled by Google Custom Search.

Media Streaming

JW FLV Media Player: For video playback I am currently still using JW flash player.
PremiumBeat Music Player: For audio playback I am currently still using Premiumbeats free swf music player.

Analytics and Monitoring

Google Analytics: To find out what's popular and what's not I use Google Analytics.
Google Webmaster Tools: To monitor search engine traffic, crawl errors and other cool stuff I use Google Webmaster Tools
Pingdom: To monitor website uptime and downtime (none so far with Linode) I use pingdom.