Future web guru in profile

I am an experienced php web developer from UK. I like adhereing to web standards, designing for useability, strict data validation, object orientated programming and search engine optimisation.

Web development stuff I like to do (popular buzz words)

PHP (MVC, OOP, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework 2, Doctrine 2), Git, Agile, Continuous Integration, Linux, Ubuntu, VIM, MySQL, (X)HTML(5), XML, CSS(1,2,3), Javascript (jQuery/jQuery UI/jQuery Mobile), FLASH (AS2/AS3)

Web Development Work History

I dragged myself into this whole making things on the web nonsense, way back in the late 90's and despite years of Music Lessons, College and 2 degrees I couldn't escape and accepted it as my geeky destiny in 2007. During university I worked freelance and in 2008 I landed my first professional contract with Phoenix cinema in Leicester.

In 2009 I joined the product development team at Activ, a multi-award nominated sales and marketing company providing online small business opportunities in the fields of web design, pay-per-click and SEO. Two years later I became the head of product development at Activ and re-developed both their easy to use website creation and Ecommerce software. It is quite satisfying to know that products I have developed are currently being used by 100's of clients and franchisees worldwide.

In October 2012 I set off travelling for a year but soon found myself web developing again. In Sydney, Australia I worked on a new social network project with Digital Eskimo and aided in the continuous development of bespoke administration systems at Velocity Web.

After a successful Skype interview I returned to the UK in October 2012 and joined the development team at Anicca, a digital marketing company in Leicester. I later decided that after a good 9 years down in Leicester it was time for a change and moved back home to Sheffield to join the web development team at Plusnet.

It was great to work in an environment with a floor full of developers and 1000's of Git repositories. I built a couple of jQuery plugins to assist with writing Google Analytics tracking events and also a new responsive homepage carousel slider. I also integrated AT Internet tracking software across various parts of the site. Plusnet was a big learning curve and I even switched back to using a Mac. The large corporate IT atmosphere did take its toll on me though and I learned that on big traffic sites your work progress can be slow if not non existent sometimes.

After coming third in a small business team start up event last October I decided I really needed to get back on the front line of web development. I'm a firm believer in the "done is better than perfect" attitude to coding and that it's important to expand your skills everyday. Earlier this year I joined a smaller local company working in the lead generation sector. I'm currently developing a lead generation app with Zend Framework 2 and Doctrine 2. It's a big change from CodeIgniter but I'm slowly making progress.


2007 - 2008 IOCT, De Montfort University, Leicester.

After graduating I immediately received a scholarship to study a MSc at the newly created Institute Of Creative Technology. I was placed among an elite group of graduates from different artistic and technical backgrounds and told to let our creative juices flow and engage in whatever felt necessary.

2004 - 2007 De Montfort University, Leicester.

Three amazing years left me with a First Class Honors, BSc (Hons) Music Technology and Innovation degree. Not bad to say I was already spending a heavy amount of time on various web projects and my Korg keyboard was gathering dust in the corner. The guitar still came out after I'd had a few though.

2002 - 2004 Aston Sixth Form, Sheffield

Two extra years at high school just sat in a different room and allowed to not wear a uniform didnt sound that bad when I was 16. I left with 4 GCE A Levels: ICT, Maths, Physics, General Studies and some stubble!

1996 - 2002 Aston Comprehensive School, Sheffield

I got busted by the head teacher few times for this and that but eventually settled down and enjoyed music lessons, maths and history. I left with 10 GCSEs: Grades A-B (...including English and Maths and Science)


Outside of work I like travelling the world, going to the gym, ice skating, DIY (comes with buying an old house), cinema, Sheff Startup Weekends and dining out.